1. Borehole drilling, repairing, rehabilitation and maintenance.
  2. Certification of works by private developers
  3. Construction and maintenance of the council road sewer and water network.
  4. Designing, planning and implementation of all public infrastructure development projects and programmes.
  5. Formulation of council policies and by-laws on natural resources management.
  6. Issuance of Developers Development Permits, Certificate of Completion, Certificate of Compliance.
  7. Issuance of Handover Certificates
  8. Issuance of Structural Certificates
  9. Maintenance of council plant and equipment.
  10. Providing technical advice to council.
  11. Supervision of all engineering contracts
  12. To contribute to the Technical Services department budget.
  13. To facilitate sound agricultural practices in the district
  14. To facilitate the control and prevention of veldt fires.
  15. To oversee farming projects on Council farms.
  16. To promote CAMPFIRE and tourism projects.
  17. To resolve land disputes.
  18. To take measures for the conservation and improvement of the natural environment.

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