Planning and Environment

  1. Calculation of plinth/ floor plan area
  2. Prices are charged per location of the stand
  3. Multiply floor area by prices for the relevant location or use
  4. Add VAT and Administration fees
  1. Submission of application to regularise
  2. Payment of application and regulation fees
  3. Site visit/ Assessment
  4. Approval is on condition of the assessment report
  1. Payment of application and approval fees
  2. Site visit/ Assessment
  3. Advertisement/ consultation
  4. If no objections, permit is granted

To contact a building inspector, please call 311, the City of Chicago’s general information line, or contact the Department of Buildings main telephone number at 365.583.8700.

Housing and Community Department

  1. Pay application fees applicable
  2. Completion of application form
  3. Submission of form and attachments
  4. Get waiting list number
  5. Waiting list renewal is due on the 1st of January every year if not yet allocated
  1. Consideration of up to date applicants
  2. Payment of interview fees
  3. Consideration of interviewees by the Allocations Committee
  4. Issuance of provisional offer and payment of required deposit
  5. Issuance of offer letter and lease agreement
  6. Physical allocation
  7. Tendering for special/ prime use stands
  1. Sign lease agreement before submission of plans
  2. Annual leases fees are due on the 1st of January of every year
  3. Development should be complete in 24 months.
  4. Expired leases
  5. Expired leases may be renewable for a maximum of 2 cycles


  1. After satisfying conditions of the lease, apply for title deed.
  2. Pay the relevant rates for a year in advance.
  3. Get a rates clearance certificate, declaration form, and recommendation letter to the conveyancers.
  4. Pay conveyancing fees and stamp duties.
  5. Submit copy of title deed to council for filing
  1. Completion of the cession application form
  2. Payment of cession application and approval fees
  3. Get Capital Gains Tax clearance and submit to council before processing of cession
  4. Attach agreement of sale, stage form and identification documents
  5. For inheritance, submit the certificate of authority/ heirship from the Master of High Court
  6. Lease preparation for the Cedant
  1. Completion of application form
  2. Payment of application and administration fees
  3. Sign a new lease
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